Your Little Jungle Lodge

Dawn on the Amazon has the perfect deal for backpackers, travelers
with only a few days to stay in Iquitos, or tourists on a tight budget
who do not want to spend extra money on a jungle lodge or a fancy
river boat expedition, but still want an Amazon rain forest experience.
This is good for peacock bass fishing, bird watching, collecting
ornamental fish or insects, hiking, exploring the Allpahuayo-Mishana
National Reserve, touring Iquitos, swimming, observing, and
communing with nature.
We own a small piece of
property on the edge of the
native village of Llanchama,
near the border of
National Reserve. We built
a small cabin overlooking a
beautiful natural lake or
cocha. The house is built in
the native fashion with a thatch roof and walls that go half way to the
roof to provide privacy and for ventilation. We use it as our private
fishing hole to get away from it all, and we go to our birdwatching
paradise every time we have the opportunity.
I want you to understand it is
primitive. Bring a flashlight and
extra batteries for each member of
your party. There is no electricity in
Llanchama. We sleep on mats or in
hammocks under mosquito nets. I
keep a couple of canoes there. We
cook over a charcoal fire, under a
thatch roof. It is an authentic
Amazon experience, living like the
ribereños, except we take pure
water with us, and some nice condiments for cooking.
Llanchama is beyond the end of the road. It is an old fashioned
fishing camp that requires a 30-45 minute hike through the jungle to
get to. We can leave Iquitos and be fishing two hours later.
Personally, I love it, and, if you are an outdoors person who likes
hiking and camping, you will love it too. We have a cool spring for

The people of the village are friendly. The lake is full of fish. The
Llanchama cocha is a wonderful body of water connected to the Nanay
River by a short narrow channel. The river and the cocha are great for
canoeing and fishing. If you want to fish you should bring your own
favorite essential fishing gear, or rent gear from Dawn on the Amazon.

Some of the villagers supplement their income by collecting
ornamental fish from the cocha. You will enjoy learning how they
catch, store and get the aquarium fish to market. Birders, hikers, and
nature lovers will like the proximity to Allpahuayo-Mishana National

Jungle Lodge
Contact me and let me know what your interests are. As always there
are many options. I have a lot of hard earned experience to share and
good people to do the cooking, fish cleaning, and heavy lifting. The
Jungle Cabins are the best value for your money in Iquitos. Give us 2
or 3 days and we will give you a whole new story to tell.
This is your lodge
This is your view
View from jungle cabin
entrance to Llanchama jungle lodge