Amazon Boat

What are the accommodations on board Dawn on the Amazon I?

The Amazon boat Dawn on the Amazon I is better than camping, not as
comfortable as the Selva Viva, but more of an adventure.

We cook on a four burner propane gas stove. There is no electricity,
and no refrigeration. We carry live chickens, ducks, Suri Grubs, or giant
Amazon snails on multi-day trips and either barter, buy, or catch fresh
fish along the way. We provide all the pure water you can drink.

You sleep in the large common area on your choice of either roll out
mattresses or hammocks, under mosquito nets, with sheets, pillow
cases, pillows, and blankets.

The only private room is the outhouse, bucket shower room, which has
a privacy wall and a door that latches. It has a large mirror, towels,
soap, shampoo, and an endless supply of toilet paper. Don't laugh;
those are all rare commodities in the upper Amazon.

Dawn on the Amazon I is powered by a 60 HP Johnson four-stroke
engine, one of the quietest engines on the upper Amazon.

My Amazon boat carpenters built her of purple heart wood, with 23
artistic wood carvings of jungle scenes. A thatch roof provides cool
shade and protection from the elements. Heavy duty plastic curtains
can be rolled down to protect against a big rain.

Dawn on the Amazon I comes equipped with life jackets, binoculars,
bird books, and maps. She is safe, comfortable, beautiful and ready for
your enjoyment.

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